Welcome to ENF Gıda

Providing wide variety of dried fruit to the whole world from Turkey

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We supply the highest quality dried fruits for our customers.


Colorants and sweeteners are not used in our products.


Our business practices are controlled and carried out together with the ethical values we have determined.


Enf products can be used in baked goods, cereals, convenience foods, packaged snacks, chocolate, confectionery, milk, and ice cream products. No artificial colorants and sweeteners are used. Our product are free from GMOs, gluten, and lactose. Also, our products are suitable for vegans.

Infused Dried Fruits

Infusion is the process where the fruits are soft & chewy after drying.

Infusion enables us to enables us to eat juicy fruit without being afraid of preservatives or any artificial additives.

Fruits retain their nutritive values while they stay pleasant to eat.

Natural Dried Fruits

Natural Dried Fruits

Natural drying is our way of drying without any addition of sweeteners.

Fruits are just harvested, washed and dried.

We dry them in a way which they stay delicious with hight nutritive values and their appearances, tastes and other features maintain their characteristics.

Fruit Jellies and Bars

Our fruit jellies & bars are the combination of perfect formula of fruit purees & juices.

With 100% plant-based ingredients, we provide alternative healthy snacks for children and aromatic nutritious ingredients for bakery.

Special fibers and ingredients add functionality to your daily snacking by our products.


The best assortment of dried natural products.

Nutri-balls are our superfoods for the ones looking for a convenient, nourishing, and energizing breakfast. We want to help you to start your day with a quick recipe with an all-in-one formula while taking critical nutrients.

Nutri-balls help multiple systems of the body to function properly.

Fruit Rolls

Fruit rolls are our special formula of dried & rolled-up %100 real fruit purees. Providing a nutritive value of a single fruit in a pack of rolls promises smart dieting.

Fruit rolls can be consumed as childiren’s snacks for lunch boxes, as well as your daily healthy snacking.


Bespoke Products

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