ENF GIDA is today one of the representatives of agriculture which dates back to eight thousand years in Anatolia, one of the most fertile lands in history.

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About Us

We started our journey in 2016, trusting our experience and expertise on Dried fruits which goes back more than 20 years.

We are one of the representatives of agriculture today, which dates back to eight thousand years in Anatolia, one of the most fertile lands in history. It describes its existence by the connection between the ‘soil’ and ‘human’ as it did yesterday and today.

At Expert’s Natural Foods, we place a strong emphasis on offering high-quality dried fruits and grown.

Our products include fruit cubes, natural dried fruits, infused dried fruits, which are all tasty and retain most of the natural vitamins, and other nutrients contained in the freshly harvested fruits.

Our products are borne out of a desire to give our customers the best quality on the market and deliver a product that is tasty while remaining nutritious and natural as possible. We pride ourselves on transparency and we ensure our recipes and process of making our products is of the highest hygienic quality.

We envision a world where everyone contributes to the healing of the environment, and we will raise awareness about it.


Our Core Values


We will set moral principles that govern our conduct or the execution of any project. Our business practices will be controlled by these ethics and we will be known as an upstanding organization, in character and everyday business.

Gender Equality

We understand the need to promote gender equality, and to uphold human rights. As a company, we will take an active position towards furthering gender equality, in terms of company policies and recruitment, and also our relationship with clients and partners. Women will make up 90% of the employees in our company.

Respect to Farmers

Consideration for the rights and welfare of farmers who are responsible for growing the products we offer is of paramount importance. We will engage in both conventional and organic farming, both aimed at delivering the best we can to customers.


This is the practice of farming to meet society’s food needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We will adopt farming techniques that contribute to this goal.