Natural Dried Fruits

Being a gift from the earth, the fruits arrive directly to ENF Gıda following harvesting and then they are sorted, washed and cleaned. According to customer demands, whole or sliced fruits are directly dried in specially-designed ovens.

Doğal kurutulmuş meyveler

Direct dried fruits are not sweetened to preserve their original ingredients. Sometimes, they can be hard, sour and round formless.

As directly dried fruits have a low water activity, they are microbiologically protected.


Depending on the type of fruit (apple, pear, persimmon, etc.), directly dried fruits can be used as snacks, yet most of them are used in muesli, bakery products, chocolate industry (strawberries, cherry cherries, sweet cherries, pomegranate aryls, etc.). Fruits can be dried both organically and conventionally.

We can manufacture our products that consist of 100% natural dried fruits to which no additional ingredients are used that we dry them in a way that they stay delicious with high fiber content and their appearances, tastes and other features maintain their characteristics with or without peels.

Packaging Options

Depending on customers’ request, it is packaged in 5 kg or 10 kg cardboard boxes with food grade PE poly- liners inside.

Other packaging requests are welcomed.