Natural Dried Fruits

Natural drying is our way of drying without any addition of sweeteners. Fruits are just harvested, washed and dried.

Natural Dried Fruits

Natural Dried Fruits

We dry them in a way which they stay delicious with hight nutritive values and their appearances, tastes and other features maintain their characteristics.
Natural dried fruits can be chopped ar various dimensions like 5×5 mm, 8×8 mm 10×10 mm and stripes of 5-8 mm depending on the fruit.


Natural dried fruits can be used as snacks and they can be chopped in various dimensions as ingredients for granola bars, muesli, baked goods and in chocolate industry.

Packaging Options

Depending on customers’ request, product are packed in either 5 kg or 10 kg cardboard boxes with food-grede PE poly-liners inside. Alternative packaging options are available upon request.

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%100 Natural

No Additives

No Added Sugar

Dried to perfection…